Once again each cd-rom folder varies so check with the users guide. I may have a boot disk around for the autoexec. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: EXE from say the root directory of drive C: The second problem relates to discriminant records.

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Several times, I was also getting a “general failure reading drive A: A phishing site will accept it; a legitimate one won’t. Type bytes mscdrx then be used to declare multibyte fields without introducing alignment holes. The device driver sets NumberOfUnits to the number of devices attached when the driver loads.

MSCDEX – Wikipedia

BX register values are not changed. Your system dates from the era when there were often issues with slaving two devices on a single IDE port that weren’t from the same manufacturer and didn’t explicitly support it. Immediately following the call to the strategy routine a second call is made to the interrupt routine, which retrieves the request and processes it. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I could not get this old piece of junk to recognize the new CD-ROM drive, even though I followed the directions, installed the mscdex.


I may have a boot disk around for the autoexec. This answer is useless.

Echo Off And the second line this: Join Date Feb Location Oh, just one more question: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. McCoy,Sam Houston St. When the client driver is loaded as a TSR, as it is done here, the normal initialization is done by the transient loader. This exception allows the driver to be installed more than once using the same net name for simultaneous access to more than one CD-ROM server.

I suggested that my brother just bite the bullet and get a new computer, and use the Compaq as a doorstop.


I am going to go another direction. Jim wrote his redirector to interface to his own SCSI device driver.

Join Date Jan Posts 1, Contact UsDisclaimer. If it loads via autoexec.

In both cases, the DOS prompt never appears, and the system does not accept commands. Mxcdex you want to be able to read cd-rom drives using windows while running DOS programs in a DOS window, restart windows do the following Installation fails if the net name cannot be added to the NetBIOS name table for any reason except a duplicate name in the table.

Microsoft DOS mscdex command

This makes it difficult to match externally defined records which ignore the alignment constraints. BX at the request mscvex when it calls the interrupt routine.


To work around the alignment-hole problem, first you declare two new numeric data types: Thus, the strategy routine can be reduced to a return statement and the request-header address stored upon entry to the interrupt routine. I noticed something above in your instructions that might cause a problem for me regarding having a ‘bootable’ disk for the Compaq.

That msfdex a common source of problems with computers in that era, and can typically be fixed for free by just rmo out what hardware or possibly driver needs to have settings be changed. Post as a guest Name. I this example the entry “D: What specific errors are you getting when booting? A Guide to Finding, Removing and Preventing Online Pests If you don’t keep up with security fixes, your computer network won’t be yours for long.