Those pins are pretty delicate, compared to USB. I would agree the suspicion lies with the Unitor. It sends external hardware synth data only into one port whilst the data generated by the Studio 5 itself such as smpte etc is sent into the other. Syntho on July 13, , The sum input is the sum of all the input cables below. I believe coachla said Logic can only see two and DP sees all 4 ports. I don’t use anything different between my Opcode and Motu interfaces and my SXpro.

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I think I’m just gonna get a Studio 5.

Alun Cox Level 3 Expert Answers. How to identify what Hard Drive you have? What version of Logic ar you using?

Got some 25ft serial cables to go along with it as well. Your entire midi rig’s outputs will be blasting into Logic with that setting on.

Answered on Nov 26, I noticed my Unitor 8 blinking oddly so I closed Unisyn and the blinking was still there. Doesn’t Opcode make a serial interface with 16 midi ports? Just make sure the first two ports are set to emulate printer and emulate modem. When my keyspan card gets here I’ll check it out and let you know if it does the same. So my suggestion for the MTP setup will not send all data equally into both Studio 5 ports as hoped.


What is the universal pinout for standard Mac serial cables?

20 Most Recent Keyspan SX Pro (SX-PRO4) Serial Adapter Questions & Answers – Fixya

Great card, very little jitter. Assign Logic and Diver to the emulated modem on the Keyspan, using OMS to address that port only, and connecting it to the Midi Express primary serial port.

You can use both at the same time, independently, and that works much better than having them keyspwn ‘linked’ and speaking together. Logged coachla Consistant Contributor Posts: My Midi Express XT has two serial ports so maybe I can use another serial cable to network dxpro two instead of using two of the Keyspan’s ports.

The physical input represents those cables on the interface. I may have to wait until those new serial cables get here.

I saw, I can get it for around the same on Ebay, gonna try there first.

My midi interface Unitor would lock up and need to be reset. That’s some pretty important sxprro, but I’m going to make a suggestion based on what Spxro got at this moment. Will check back later tonight. Syntho on July 13, What do all those error codes mean? Assign Unisyn to the emulated printer port on the Keyspan, using Freemidi to address that port only, and connecting it to the network serial port on the Midi Express.


KeySpan Sx Pro 4Port Serial PCI Card For Mac

I’m only talking about input cables not working, i. I might just pick up a Studio 5 LX. Just now got online How many numbers should it be? Diver and Unisyn both use discreet cables, and Sysex uses machine ID’s sxprro separate the strings from one another. Why do you need Freemidi other than to launch Unisyn? What do I need? I have the original Mac manual for the Express XT here and it says “you can connect another midi interface to the additional serial port”. Answered 3 hours ago.

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