However, if you want to replace or upgrade the drive in your existing MV2, you will need a way to download new firmware to it. Here is an example of making a mount point with the mkdir command:. You can have as many as three addresses to check in the event that one or more of them is not responding. If not then go to the next step. It will look like a printer icon shown below. SSH is more secure than telnet and is also supported in putty. However, they also made some changes that make it more difficult to stream files from a network drive like the HP Media Vault.

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In this case, the MediaVault will automatically rename the Shared Folders in the mobile rack drive to FileShare2, MediaShare2, so that you can access them.

HP Media Vault Generation 1: New Life for an Old Friend

There are 4 plastic retainers that snap in place, if you take a look at them you can see with a little side pressure to unlock them, then push forward and the complete panel will come off in your hands. The two critical connections are the power and ground, which are usually red and black in color respectively.

During this time, the Media Vault will be available with minimal affect on performance for most tasks. Please note, this is an experimental method that hasn’t been extensively tested yet so it doesn’t vaultt you should hack your MV2 with data on it that isn’t backed up somewhere else. You can either manually map the folders on vauly PC or install the Kedia utility. If you’ve added a mobile rack drive, you should see part1, and part63 if you perform the same command on that drive.


Please note, that URL will be different if you changed the default name of your HP Media Vault to something other than ‘hpmediavault’, so modify it accordingly.

HP Media Vault FAQ/Knowledgebase

It only protects you from a hard drive failure inside the Media Vault. Similarly, you should run the MVFW If you have the Media Vault set up in User Mode, you will need to map a drive letter to your PC first to establish the password-protected connection between the PC and the Media Vault before being able to access a shared printer.

There vualt good reasons for all these various configurations. This first section applies to the MV1. If you do, you’ll find that your left frame goes away and the navigation becomes more difficult. Think of them as a matched set. If you notice that over a period of a few days that the SwapFree is getting low, like about half the value of SwapTotal, then you most likely are experiencing the memory leak. Now it time to remove the front panel.

A user can switch back and forth between this simplified interface or the more flexible but slightly more complicated NTI Shadow interface. Artic Silver 5 is about the best you can buy. Also when loading a jedia operating system chances are you will need to load the Intel supplied driver disk. After the resizing or mirroring operation is complete, you may re-enable the folders for media streaming.

This section is written about meddia MV1. When using drives larger than GB, you should format them with the native format until this bug can be fixed. The reason for this is that there is also a limit on the number of files that can be stored. Should one drive fail, you have everything copied onto the second drive.


Do your homework and look vvault. Linux file systems are not affected by fragmentation issues that are experienced with FAT and NTFS Windows file systems, hence there are no defragmentation tools available for modern Linux file systems. Each time you get a new networked device, you must put an entry in the router’s list to allow it access to the network.

Here is a page you can refer to if you need more information on that. There are a number of photo organization tools such mwdia Picasa that make it easy to create folders full of photos complete with captions and HTML thumbnail navigation.

The only solution for a failed motherboard is to find another one, possibly on eBay or on the Media Vault Yahoo Group. This section applies primarily to the MV1 products. To access the hpmediavault, you can just type in its name in the Host Name box hpmediavault is the default name unless you’ve changed it or you can type in its IP address.

If you only had a mirrored drive from a Media Vault and the Media Vault itself was destroyed, gault only be able to retrieve it on another Media Vault. Don’t schedule all the PCs for the same time. This has convinced me to save it now- currently ebaying for the parts- long live my MV1!!!

If it responds, then the power supply and motherboard are probably OK.