Written H on device. The diversity feature is not supported yet. Tried with Ubuntu You are using an experimental version of the media stack. Added by Rai Moed over 1 year ago.

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My new USB device: Written H on device. TerraTec Cinergy T Stick. I copied the mentioned driver dvb-usb-cxusb. My System geniaatech Linux Mint As the installation is just a test of one usb device, I would like to limit the impact to my laptop to the necessary degree – maybe only 1 driver and 2 files for firmware are necessary at the end?

Alternatively, I may continue with make intstall maybe this brings my dvb stick to live. This device looks identical to the A and has the same model number on the box but has lijux different chip inside.

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Different colours blue, grey, red. This is a generic entry for the Anysee E7 line. So I decided to continue with sudo make install. You are using an experimental version of the media stack. The correct firmware is here: Afatech AFAFreescale mc44s Same device as AB, but it could need linuxtv to works.


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If you get no or poor signal on Linux, that’s “normal”. First version of the driver has been released, look here. The symptoms are that they can not find any channels. Remote control handling is different to the one used in the other DiBusb clones and many essential keys do not work at all with X.

This is a problem of developers who decide to destroy all media tree for his device. PID filter table count 15 – limited to about 3 or 4 simultaneous TV channels.

At least they have a different usb id. Using the driver at Zazz it is sufficient to unzip then within the directory sudo sh. Silicon Labs SiD60 successfully identified [ A as of the box, AB as detected by the kernel.

I followed the instruction of http: There’s an older device by almost the same name without the “plus”which is dib7xxx based and works out of the box. Tested on Ubuntu Device successfully installed on kernel 3.


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Views Read View source View history. Added multiplexed i2c bus 17 [ Details on development history. This page was last modified on 7 Novemberat New USB device strings: Some “broken” devices where sold with cold id: