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Despite the fact that this card does not have a separate output to headphones, they can be connected using the 2RCA-minijack adapter. Just wanted a simple card with good software to record everything from old vinyl to scratch tracks for rehearsing. Many professionals are also buying higher spec hardware because they understand that higher spec hardware also works better even when working with lower samplerates. The difference is not so large but it still makes itself felt. Multi-client support An unlimited number of audio applications can be accessed simultaneously with the multi-client support. Juli is a PCI based audio interface for home studio recording applications. Engineers made the most of the existing converters.

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ESI [email protected] – 4 Input / 4 Output PCI Audio/MIDI Interface [email protected]

This item is nonreturnable. ESI plans to release new multi-channel solutions in the near future. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Taking into account its price and professional orientation, we found no drawbacks in this card. For the money this card is in a class by itself. So despite their rather high quality converters, such cards cannot be used for professional work. Worked without a hitch. Feel The Sunshine, Pulp Friction and some other test compositions with clear compressed mastering and ewi high frequency range.

Mine would not work with the application CD. As more and more professionals are producing music and media content for higher bit and sample rates, the actual demand for consumer rsi that support these features is also growing.


This is also useful for old applications, which are not supported by WDM drivers.

ESI [email protected]

Sound is absolutely sublime! Thorough audition in the same conditions, using the same cable and instantly switching between the cards did not reveal any difference in their sounding. Conclusions Professional sound card ESI Juli has an unusual design, it features both professional and consumer connectors, full MIDI and digital interfaces, high quality playback, excellent drivers, esu a reasonable price, and it is available on sale.

After tests, product is better than manuf states. The upper part turns degrees ESI Juli sound ewi What is your opinion of the E-MU revival in the sector of sound cards especially the M and models?

Besides, we carried out the following interesting experiment: However, we thought that it was not that impressive quality and not superior than AC We test DirectSound functions of the card, because we have such an opportunity.

ESI Juli sound card: Does it threaten high-quality soundcards supporting high sampling formats, or on the contrary will it draw attention to the high quality sound and promote high-quality sound devices? Juli any errors on this page? Juli is free from these drawbacks, it sounds true and clear. Excellent performance via the coax and toslink outs, which is what I needed it for.

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When the linear input is tested in the balanced mode using LynxTwo, the frequency response gets worse in this test as well as in all the other ones. [email protected] the fact that this card does not have a separate output to headphones, they can be connected using the 2RCA-minijack adapter. [email protected] latency, less than 1. ESI Juli control panel is easy and clear. Now, professionals are slowly starting to work with higher sample-rates in the production process, not only with the higher bit-rate.


Is it an attempt to stand out against similar sound cards and to attract attention? We really liked the quality of AKM so it was our conclusion to use it also for Juli despite the number of channels. No Longer Available Update Location close. We are aware of the HD Audio which sounds promising.

ESI [email protected] Sound Card

But hi-end audio PC users RCA jacks are a curtsy to themwho use their computers solely for high quality playback and who do not care sei ADC, have a reason to pause — is the DAC comparable with the level of the rest of the sound playback section? On the digital oscillograph EZ Digital OSM we monitored how the amplitude changed and at what resistance there would be a limitation.

One way or another, I clearly hear the difference, for example at Alex Reece, album “So Far” hits: