The motherboard is very well laid out but if you have any problems like in the BIOS , the manual will be able to guide you for sure. Lowering the HyperTransport multiplier to 4x fixed that, and we continued to push the motherboard faster. Turns off the system instantly. I agree to terms above and have a “. The floppy disk should contain NO device drivers or other programs.

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Epox 9NPA+SLI PCSTATS Review – Memory LEDs and More Features

Trying to woo consumers with fancy colours and the promises of high clock speeds sometimes works, but if the hype overshoots real world results then disillusionment with a brand quickly sets in. The BIOS update is finished.

Push “Start” button to start the sensing. We recommend that you leave this at the default value. The codes on the two-digit alpha-numeric LED display help troubleshooting when problems crop up by identifying what exactly is wrong with the system.

Appendix Test functionality. For more information about all the new features Athlon Processor deliver, check out the AMD website at http: Front Panel Audio Connector When the jumpers are removed this connector can be used for front panel audio.

A set of nice quality rounded cables are 9bpa in with the package, and we find two sets of IDE cables, and one FDD cable encased in white rubber sleeving.


Page 71 Appendix Use the arrow keys to select the array that you want to set up, then press Enter.

Without phone plug inserted, the rear panel audio is enabled. Some images used herein were obtained from Jupiterimages Corporation.

Run the downloaded xxxxx. Turns off the system after a 4 second delay. If an wp device is plugged into the wrong connector, a warning message will appear to remind users to check the connection.

One coupon redeemable per item per customer. The default is Instant Off. The retail version will include the usual fare of cables, brackets, manual’s and software. At the bottom right hand corner of the motherboard is the Port 80 diagnostics card which flashes two digit error codes to identify system status. No additional duties or fees.

PCI Express is definitely the way to go with AMD Athlon64 systems, and a single high end videocard has more than enough power for today’s games as do regular Athlon64’s and Pentium 4’s processors.

This is to prevent long term damage to the CPU from overheating. For more detailed information, refer to “Sound Manager manual” In fact it feels like the engineers at Epox really thought For instance, Epox places the IDE and floppy drive cables to the right of the DIMM slots, this keeps the large cables away from the other system devices.


If you’re new to Overclocking and not sure what to do, check out these two excellent Guides for some pointers: The motherboard is very well laid out but if you have any problems like in the BIOSthe manual will be able to guide you for sure.

To confirm and proceed, please key in [Y] to start the programming. The floppy disk should contain NO device drivers or other programs. The following screen appears: These specifications are subject to change without notice. Midi Port Address Select an address for the Midi port.

EPoX EP-9NPA+ Ultra – motherboard – ATX – Socket 939 – nForce4 Ultra

Do you love tech deals? I agree to terms above and have a “. HDD epo cable J. An on-line help message is displayed at the bottom of the screen as the cursor is moved to various items which provides a better understanding of each function.