Broadcast is only option no p. I don’t understand why I would get this when I get these same channels on my box downstairs. You may also want to try adjusting the sleep time between signals the 4th and 7th lines to see what works best. This is useful for Dish Network receivers that go into “screen saver” mode after a period of inactivity. However, that is no longer the case. Just delete the 3rd line if you don’t want to send the select signal at the start.

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I get the video but can’t change the channels. Works in Broadcast Mode at megabits.

Even then, they would crop off part of the picture. During card setup selected Generic firewire since 6.

Firewire Cable Box Compatibility

It seems when a 3 digit firwwire changes slowly it would bring up the guide if it was already on that channel, and then the guide would go away when sending the command again. I’ll assign this bug to myself as a reminder to check back. Any idea why this info screen would be popping up when changing to the same channel it is already on? After upgrading to 0.


It looked brand-spanking new so I figured that it would work fine Running Fedora 13 mythtv Last edited by simonen; at Then under devices tab I set the Tuning to use Motorola. Firewire on STB seems to not want to “come on” right fireewire. I don’t use any premium channels, and so 5c has become a non-issue for me most of the time. I am a Customer Expert volunteering my time to help other customers here in firewwire Forums.

Might try getting a new box if I can ever get over my laziness about it Incidentally, I am now running it under Ubuntu 7. The following sequence triggers a backend crash every time:. No 5c channels YET. I switched after it stopped working.

Or is it the program inf screen that is popping up? During card setup selected SA4. P2P mode is a dud on this model’s firmware. MPEG-4 channels don’t work with 0. This is preferable over an IR transmitter because it’s much more reliable. Patch with new IDs submitted to Myth dev team.

I get the basic cable channels, the Digital Classic, Digital preferred. I tried a bunch of other option like the -a4, but that did not help either. Works with 4 cable boxes.


Channels above 13 record fine via STB. Firewirs get a partial lock on a select few of my premium chans with boxes in broadcast mode at mbps i have 3x tuners in total using the dct in a daisy chain with the dcx at the end of the chain.

Firewire Cable Box Compatibility – MythTV Official Wiki

Strangely, this appears to be mostly SD channels and possibly east coast originating channels speculation. P works just not as solid. If any one wants to send me instructions on how to get the source and compile dch32200 with the patch that would be great because this is making channel surfing the Olympics very difficult. DCX works much better! Well, it seems like MyTray. I also tried shutting down and disconnecting the computer and cable box, then restarting and reconnecting them as suggested in the mythtv firewire wiki.