The confusion can arise mainly with the card 8 chip model as this card has 2 notches in the connector part of the PCB which allows it to physically fit in a 3 volt AND a 5 volt slot connector on a PC motherboard. DVR Surveillance software Motion? The next two models of card in this range have additional features and improved performance both in Windows and Linux operating systems and we will be dealing with these cards and their interface requirements in later posts. Why not buy a cheap 4 channel PCI card like a Swann that comes with software and drivers and is supported locally. Also will i be able to use this card with my own software? Anyone know of a 4 channel card with 4 chipsets and wdm drivers thats reasonably priced???

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Some silliness about drivers I rvr DVR Surveillance software Motion? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Heatsink for the large chip on the 8 port card. That way each chip is only capturing one channel, and they won’t have to switch.

Tens of thousands of cards have been delivered over the years with this illegal version. Also the bt87a8 are not in order they are all mixed up.

It was labeled v1. In Zoneminder different settings of the modprobe file are required and when using the Windows software supplied with the windows cards expansion is selected during initial installation and configuration of the software – but NOTE: The software was IQ eyes. If you already have a card and want to buy the heatsinks and fit them yourself then you can but be sure to use the correct heatsink glue not supplied for attaching them to ensure maximum heat transfer and of course make sure they dont fall off into the machine where they could cause massive damage by shorting out components etc.


Removing the card will rectify the problem and if this does happen then you should check the slot and move its position to a 5 volt PCI slot. It isn’t full of features but by the sound of things will do what you want. I finally heard back from the seller on Trade Me One model allows for up to 2 cards to be used in the same machine allowing a 32 channel system to be built and there is also a PCI Express PCIE option too.

Power Requirements for 8 Channel BTa DVR Card – ZoneMinder Forums

They also don’t like onboard video. The ActiveX and Java applets have been updated accordingly. These images also will be used by the mobile client apps for alert notification. Meanwhile our card is still very much alive for the next few years being a full sized PCI-E slot card with a better specification and works with Windows and Linux zoneminder too. All three models have significant advantages depending on requirements and the operating system used and of course the software used with the cards e.

Each image represents a trigger event and may be used to “jump into” a movie clip if your movie clips contain multiple events.

There can be some confusion whenusing certain models of these cards in modern PCI slots. Any help with getting a driver that is able to get windows to see 4 inputs would be greatly appreciated!


Also will i be able to use this card with my own software? Already have an account?

Conexant Fusion 878a EZ View 4 Channel Driver

And nimrod i am very expeirenced with blueiris so let me know if ya need any help. It has a chip per channel and is therefor capable of higher frame rates per channel than cards which use a chip for up to 4 channels.

Many copies of the illegal software are in Chinese by default. This means the card can be used with your favourite software if you dont want the bundled software.

This is due to a number of things, its old technology, difficulty in getting components and the availability of the type of slot required for this card in the most modern machines. I know what you are talking about when it comes to adding a camera. Just to make sure I was telling you the right thing I added another camera to my bt card, so now I have 2 cameras on it. Sign in Already have an account?

I note that the card you purchased makes comment to recommended hardware. As it has only a single processor chip this limits its maximum frame rate when you are using more than 1 x camera.

New camera screen comes up, select video tab. DVR Surveillance software You may find you will need the correct drivers for the card and software to work.