ASUS and nVidia have come together to produce quite a nice little combo. When the menu appears, click the “Properties” item. Well kids, welcome to budget computing. This is going to be my main secretary upgrade board. Asus’s Tech Support email address: The Mother Board Motherboards.

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Make sure to tell them your power supply rating etc.

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See the scanned page on the right colume for the correct jumper settings. Are you in fact using win98SE? Here’s what you get for your hard earned 89 smacks: The drivers do not have a utility to autoload as with XP or ME.

I give vmm board. Click on the DOS screen on the right to check out the poop. Originally posted on August 12th, Just when I finished building a system it wouldn’t bootup Just use Win and this board runs fine and dandy.

No beeps or anything. This board uses Shared Video Memory.

My problem is that with Win98 you have to load the drivers manually. I just got a new order of these boards and the manual is now correct.


ASUS A7N266-VM, Socket A, AMD (A7N266-VM/LAN/AA) Motherboard

I myself have done the same thing. Asus may be fixing this in future shipments hopefully I have built and shipped well over of these boards and have not had 1 single board returned. Not once during this proceedure was the autorun and menu feature of the drivers disk utilised. Once that is set properly then blue skys appear Computer Services Tel When the system does bootup, you see something quite interesting VXD device loader s for this device could not load the device driver.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter – Martin Luther King. You must have rev.

ASUS A7N266-VM – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket A – nForce 220-D Series

If you still can’t get the board work or any board for that matter then return it. An266 can also connect the new ASUS iPanel for convenient connectivity and system monitoring from the front panel. I can’t get the network and sound to work. So this little home system should really rock. Used the win2k laan and surprisngley they worked fine Most of the people who have come into my shop with systems they’ve built and have problems didn’t read or do the background work or even bother asking the.


VXD are the culprits.

Mikes Hardware | Review | ASUS A7NVM

I always find one little thing that is not correct. Meaning, the memory chip you install will be utilized by the system and “Share” part of the memory for video operations. Please select [General] page to reinstall driver or select [Driver] page to update driver.

Give them your parts list and jumper settings. One review I saw, the guy was going off on others laj the forum because he couldn’t understand why his K wouldn’t work with this board