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Crypto money

While the crypto money world has been shaken by the FTX crisis in recent days, another development has occurred in, which sent 320 thousand Ethereum ($ 416 million) to a different cryptocurrency exchange, managed to get the crypto money back. Here is the strange Ethereum transfer between the two exchanges. managed to retrieve the money it sent to the wrong wallet
The incident, which was confirmed by CEO Kris Marszalek, has happened in the past weeks. 320 thousand Ethereum, which will be sent to the cold (not connected to the internet) wallet belonging to the company, has been transferred to a different platform. $416 million was diverted to an address managed by’s corporate account., which managed to get back 320 thousand Ethereum from, did not actually explain this event. However, after FTX filed for bankruptcy recently, the company had to make its cold wallets more transparent.

A user named Conor Grogan, who examined’s transactions, pointed out that the exchange transferred 320 thousand Ethereum to on October 21. Considering that this amount constitutes 80 percent of the Ethereum owned by the company, it seems natural to arouse curiosity among investors.

Making statements on the subject, CEO Marszalek stated that bought back their Ethereum after about a week and transferred 285 thousand Ethereum to one cold wallet and 35 thousand Ethereum to another cold wallet.

After the incident, confirmed the transfer and said that there was a transaction error. He stated that after contacting the company, the funds were returned quickly.