The driver in this release is compatible with and based Intel Network Connections. Alternatively, you can use ethtool version 1. All hardware requirements listed apply to use with Linux. The result will be a much more efficient application that has more control over how it handles the network packets. If you launched your instance using an older Amazon Linux AMI and it does not have enhanced networking enabled already, use the following procedure to enable enhanced networking. Firmware on network controller is ROM based and generally speaking not upgradable. If you have important data on the instance that you want to preserve, you should back that data up now by creating an AMI from your instance.

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Optional Connect to your instance and verify that the module is installed. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policy 882599, and our Terms of Service. Updating kernels and kernel modules, as well as enabling the sriovNetSupport attribute, might render incompatible instances or operating systems unreachable; if you have a recent backup, your data will still be retained if this happens. There are linud tweaks possible but these are not widely deployed and usually provided for VERY specific needs like platform integration.

Warning There is no way to disable the enhanced networking attribute after you’ve enabled it.


In this case upgrading to latest and greatest is usually something to consider, especially if you observe some anomalies when booting from the network. This behavior can cause problems connecting to your instance. Tools is on the site of Intel.

CONFIG_IXGBEVF: Intel(R) 10GbE PCI Express Virtual Function Ethernet support

Enhanced networking is supported only for HVM instances. User Guide for Linux Instances. We strongly advise you to read this white paper in order to see some pointers that are important in developing networking applications. Another story is Option ROM upgrade, which is sometimes mistakenly called firmware it is not a firmware as it executes on host system, not 825999 ASIC itself. Disable predictable network interface names by adding the net.

Hardware Packet Filtering – ntop

For more information, see Accessing Amazon EC2. All other operations are supported under Windows. In the above case, the ixgbevf module is not loaded, because the listed driver is vif.

C3, C4, D2, I2, M4 excluding m4. This file is regenerated at the next boot cycle, and any instances launched from the AMI create their own version of the file. Corresponding kernel update To ensure you have the latest kernel modules for your hardware, update your OS to the latest kernel supported by your OS vendor. If the attribute isn’t set, SriovNetSupport is empty; otherwise, it is set as follows:.

Results may vary if you mix speed settings. We use cookies to provide and improve our services. Versions of ixgbevf earlier than 2.


If another instance boots with this file, the operating system will be unable to find the device and eth0 might fail, causing boot issues. Sign linuux using Email and Password.

Email Required, but never shown. You can check the systemd or udev versions on RPM-based systems with the following command:. Before you begin, check if enhanced networking is already enabled on your instance.

Please do not enter contact information. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. If you are using 882599 single interface defaultit will be eth0.

Linux ixgbe* Base Driver Overview and Installation

Sign In to the Console. If you compile the ixgbevf module for your current kernel and then upgrade your kernel without rebuilding the driver for the new kernel, your system might revert to the distribution-specific ixgbevf module at the next reboot, which could make your system unreachable if the distribution-specific version is incompatible with enhanced networking.

Alternatively, you can use ethtool version 1. Amazon EC2 provides enhanced networking capabilities through the Intel VF interface, which uses the Intel ixgbevf driver.

Only single speed, 10 gigabit modules are supported.