There’s 16x digital zoom, Sony Ericsson’s BestPic feature, image and video stabilization and red eye reduction. The phone has a hardware slider button that you’ll use to select photo, video or playback mode. Media music player 3. PHP work fine with no crashes or memory errors. Of course, the N95 does have WiFi and a GPS, but of which can consume a great deal of power, but we’re basing our comparison with those features not used. The SE isn’t as fast as a dedicated digital camera, but it’s quite usable and you just might manage to catch a fleeting moment that the N95 will assuredly miss. New posts 24 hours Hot Top 20 Account:

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The camera did a better job of this shot with the flash turned off.

Sony Ericsson 5 megapixel Cybershot with Xenon flash- unannounced Sony Ericsson successor to K850i

Indoor evening shots in poor light were pleasing with good blacks, but surprisingly the N95 managed a more exposed shot Nokia’s weak spot used to be their low light image quality. Ringer volume flwsh just adequate, and the phone has a very gentle vibrate mode which can be used in conjunction with a ringer or in silent mode.

The phone ships with 2 games pre-installed, 3D Marble Madness and Tennis. Nov 12, Posts: Clearly, Sony Ericsson had to cut down on the keypad and d-pad real estate to avoid enlarging the phone while increasing display size.


The Ki comes with a PIM suite contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. The Sony Ericsson has great battery life that beats the N hands down when both phones are in 3G mode.

Downloading videos from flashh web was a fast affair on the other hand, and applications likewise download very quickly.

It’s on par with the Sony Ericsson Wi, but with slightly better voice quality. If these aren’t important to you, then the Ki is in the running. fpash

You can use the fllash dull ringtones or set any MP3, video or recorded audio as a ringtone. Should Ki owners upgrade based on the higher resolution camera? May 03, Posts: Please let me know how! The blue model has light silver sides with a blue trim line and the d-pad ring is blue.

I thought it was pretty cool I tried to run a Ti theme Underwater. A bit washed out, not much depth of field. Supports circuit switched data connection as well.

The context sensitive touch sensitive buttons just below the display become the action buttons, which means you must navigate with the d-pad then slide your finger to the correct soft key. The web browser and CPU’s rendering capabilities likely hamper download speeds when compared to a smartphone.

The phone has flight mode so you can use the multimedia features with the phone’s cell radio turned off. We tested the Plantronics Discovery which has a great DSP but generally poor range feet with most phones and got 25 feet of range.


Camera Flash Flex Cable for Sony Ericsson K Ki | eBay

Features awesome art and graphics from vancouver artist Alex Rousey and Dussault Apparel, took me a few hours to make and everytime you shake your phone a new wallpaper fades in!!

The Jawbone worked well with good volume it can be a bit quiet on incoming voice with some phones and 15 feet of range. Good depth of field with strong detail on the lilly and no washing out of highlights. So I can;t figure out how to download any of them. But I don’t speak the language used on the site.

The 5 megapixel camera has an autofocus lens, automatic lens cover and a Xenon flash. Mar 06, Posts: Thanks for the menu’s!!! QVGA on the Ki. In fact, for both incoming and outgoing voice, the Ki is one of the best: Instead, the battery loads via a door on the bottom edge, similar to slim point-and-shoot cameras– cool!.

Thjese are some really cool themes! K580i on the fash edge, beside the battery door you’ll find the Sony Ericsson Fast Port connector for the charger and headphones sorry, no 2.