Bancaja online Visa Card , Entity: Provides list of supported algorithms from JavaCard API including supported lengths of keys Provides information about available RAM and EEPROM memory and garbage collection capabilities Provides basic speed tests for selected operations Test possibility for using raw RSA for fast modular multiplication usable to implement Diffie-Hellman for example The set of cryptographic algorithms supported by the particular Java smart card is sometimes hard to obtain from vendor’s specifications. If you have card without exception handling, you must try to create instance inside your code one by one and check whether it is possible. Now all available protocols are used. It resides in a calculator like token, that is used for a challenge response when logging in. Complete list of ATRs. However, given algorithm was introduced in later version of JavaCard specification than version declared by the card as supported one.

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JCOP 41 – 72k (Mifare 4k Emulation) White Gloss PVC Card

Athena IDProtect Key v2 http: Pass Campus Alsace, a mix of a student card, a transport card Jfop and a Moneo http: BP-Sim allows users to perform an extensive range of tests across the chain of payment services. Municipal icop meter card for the City of St. German public health insurance card “Gesundheitskarte”issuer Knappschaft. Nordea a Skandinavian bank eID card http: If you encounter this issue, comment out most of the testing code, run only for small uncommented part, then comment it again and uncomment another part – inconvenient, but working.


The Babylon Payments Simulator BP-Sim is a family of highly efficient regression and stress testing tools, designed for deployment in development and pre-production environments. Carta regionale dei servizi – Regione Sicilia http: ExtendedLength – manual compilation of source codes required at the moment Caveats: Austrian Quick E-purse “Einreichkarte” transfer card http: Metrebus Card used in Rome to store 411 information and Atac subscription.

A time necessary for generation is measured, but this may differe significantly between repeated runs, so do your own multiple tests, if you are interested in average time we are generating only ones.

Now all available protocols are used. The maker can be found at www. If you have card without exception handling, you must try to create instance inside your code one by one and check whether it is possible. Typically, basic primitives like block cipher or asymmetric cryptography algorithm remain same as they are often implemented in hardware, but cryptographic constructions like particular MAC algorithm or supported key sizes may be 212 later.

JCAlgTest – database of supported JavaCard algorithms

Card returned specific error other then raising CryptoException. The city’s web site is: Mastercard Debit Card issued by Caixa d’Enginyers http: Please, report any bugs or suggestions to my mail see footer of the page.


Visa Credit Card issued by Caixa d’Enginyers http: Please note that lead times will vary by product, specific requirements and 22 availability. Bancaja Bank Spain Bankia currently.

Smart card must support exception handling – Not an issue on newer cards, but may be missing on older ones e. AlgTest applet tries to create an instance of an algorithm for all possible constants defined in JavaCard specification and eventually catch the exception.

Use a NFC-compliant phone to check in for a ticket.

The chip contains owners picture, name, date and place of birth, current address, unique ID number and fingerprint. Full identification might be added in future.

List of supported JavaCard algorithms

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. MessageDigest – all types javacard. Further allocation then fails even when the particular algorithm is supported.

MyKad- Identification Card for Malaysians http: It can also possibly be used to hold e-currency. Note, that generation of key pair may is time expensive operation up to minute or moreso be patient.

KeyPair – on-card generation test for all key types and key lengths.