What should you pay street price for one of these new. Beryllium is also expensive because it is a very complicated and toxic material to work with. Far more recent technology and tested by JBL with such drivers as I recall. I think if you’re doing bar gigs this is not the driver for you There’s no way to reasonably accomplish anything by random action with this stuff, I have learned, and anything you DO accomplish is suspect otherwise

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Listen to the drivers only. With more of the frequency spectrum coming from a single point, the quality of sound is more focused and less smeared.

Because of the increased sensitivity and lower distortion, much lower crossover points can be used. The compressed audio in that video dose not have the ability to reveal anything relevant to the question about berylliium filtering.

Too Tall Curtis H. Aluminum is not a drop in replacement for Beryllium.

For those of you not in the know: This system is known as one of the harshest rigs out there. Many manufacturers, including JBL, make excellent drivers without that prohibitive cost penalty. JBL use in hz for neryllium network, hz in active crossover.



So take all this with a grain of salt. Visit duron tarik’s homepage! You might see if you can get Zilch or Widget interested in assisting in the determination of this 2435hpo. I want to offer a few options in the high end system designs i create. Compresion driver shoot out.

How much for a JBL HPL?

Some people claim this 1. Originally Posted by allen Are you refering to the stacks at G Spot? There is only one company in the US, Brush Wellman, who are experts with making beryllium. Why not look at some of the JBL PTwave guides, cheap and made to measure and Zilch has been exploring applications and crossovers. Allen Last edited by allen: Cool, didn’t know that about the adaptors.

I use it in the sphere that powers my spaceship. The roar of the grease paint, the smell of the crowd. And how much used? JBL sells a 1 to 1. I’ve seen those pictures and wondered how that setup worked with out getting alot of comb filtering.


Compresion driver shoot out. TAD vs JBL HPL – Wave Music Community Board

This JBL driver is used in the Vertec system. Send a private message to pbellsound. Curtis, A quick search of the JBL site shows the cost and replacement diaphragm part number.

The JBL horn as used in the DMS1 monitor is the best choice although it’s a 1K horn and it’s footprint will closely match the L94’s in that cabinet. Find all posts by tamaracat.

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The time now is When was it first made? List wrote on Sun, 22 April What should you pay street price for one of these new. There’s no reason I can think of why not to do this, given that you are adding a tweeter overtop of this setup.