At any rate, the UI as it stands is simple, intuitive, capable of basically anything you’d reasonably want to do with your music. Clean, straightforward, and useful. No problem If you’re among the admittedly select few mourning the passing of Apple’s little MP3 players, fear not: For instance, clicking on an artist’s name gives you the following choices: The Dell DJ30 can, not quite as loud as the iRiver, but definitely acceptably.

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Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, It was problem-free at first, but lately, I’ve been getting weird errors. This is great, because it frees device makers up from creating software which they’re lousy at and lets them focus on creating devices.

We list the reasons they’re on thin ice — and suggest how they can be saved. A totally useless case that hides the front panel of the device. Every single button dk30 it does the same thing no matter what the player is doing at the time. The remote reduces the chance of dropping the main unit. The Dell DJ30 can, not quite as loud as the iRiver, but definitely acceptably.

Dell DJ 30 Silver ( 30 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

It’s easy to use, basic and straightforward. With any luck, the music will be all ready to deol by the time you want to sync. Post 9 of The iPod changed the world. I got one about 2 years ago and use it almost daily. But if you’re still in the market for a dedicated music player, there are still some worthy options out there.


May 21, at The remote is also great if you can find or make a place to clip it in your car, that way you’re not looking down trying to handle the DJ while driving.

Post 8 of This is an amazingly terrible thing to force customers to do out of the box, and I hope Dell soon starts shipping the players with the proper firmware installed. Sony’s Android-powered high-res audio player sounds great, but it’ll cost ya Sony’s Android-powered high-res audio player sounds great, but it’ll cost ya by Ty Pendlebury. In terms of buttons, the Dell is unique among the players that I’ve used in that there is no modality to the buttons at all. The player itself, obviously.

The player itself is great, the software was made by Creative, I think, so it’s not a player that might have many problems, software-wise. I love THAT even more. Note that this doesn’t mean the PlaysForSure upgrade is worthless — even without robust subscription support, it’s still an enormous and necessary improvement.


I bought it, thinking that I could sell it for more if I wasn’t satisfied. You can go to the current song, which is your bog-standard now playing screen — song, artist, album displayed; the position in the current play list e.

Brian Cantoni

Dell laughs at this trend, and packages the DJ in brown corrugated cardboard. Somebody who likes the iRiver H is using evaluation criteria that are totally foreign to deell.

Headphones Sound Output Mode. Post 7 of Some people, the people who actually like the iRiver H, will complain about how lacking its capabilities are. It has a good size display screen and an easy menu to follow.

May 22, at 7: No amp yet although there’s a better than even chance that HeadRoom will be seeing an order from me soon. Dismiss Notice We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process.