Enjoy your 24 bits 96 Khz recordings I love my Audigy and i have known people that don’t like it but it is just because it is dificult to configure. Posted by Andy G – 09 Dec The Audigy 2 supported up to 6. Karen has not yet told us whether she is using bit or bit Sibelius. Something else might be to disable the SB and see if things work. Posted by Russell D – 10 Dec

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It is designed as an entry-level budget sound card. Double-click the downloaded file.

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This fact was not immediately obvious in Creative’s literature, and was difficult to ascertain even upon examination of the Audigy’s spec sheets. And now with the ver 2. Archived from the original on aasio English Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese.

It had nearly all of the capabilities of the PCI edition, but in a far smaller form factor. Posted Tue crfative May 05 Both drivers work just fine for me in Tracktion but when I select the 24 bit driver in reaper it doesn’t seem to be able to access it. They are available on both Creative’s forums and his blog.


It’s looking like a soundcard upgrade is needed if I want to experience the new soundworld The audio processor could mix up to 64 DirectSound3D sound channels in hardware, up from Live! I audihy the Creative drivers not only very bloated and cumbersome with a very limited mixer, but also unreliable.

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I had already downloaded the 2. Hello, i’m not a regular user of reaper, but i love all kind of daw software and i had the problem you have with other two daw, the answer to solve the problem is: Steve Posted Mon 09 May 05 The ASIO and break out box features were an attempt to tap into the “home studio” market, with a mainstream product.

To uninstall the driver, do the following: Report at bug forum, for dev team to take actions for improvement Posted Tue cteative May 05 1: Uninstall the Creative crap and try the latest kX drivers. Double-click the downloaded file.

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How To Receive Warranty Service. I have 4 stereo inputs at a time for this with a total of 6 stereo analog inputs plus midi, Spdif and TAD and 8 stereo analog outputs plus 2 digital.


The Audigy 2 ZS supports up to 7. Audio device driver files are not removed completely when uninstalling from Windows Device Manager. Rune dj-in-norway PRO Infinity Art Director Member since wait for the new upcomming version very soon then use the asio4all drivers www. Posted by Russell D – 09 Dec Posted by Karen Williams – 08 Dec Back to top All threads.

In the windows driver details dialogue box it gave the same driver version number as before, v 6.

It was the first gaming-oriented sound hardware add-on board for notebooks that offered full hardware acceleration of 3D audio along with high-fidelity audio output quality. This download supports the following audio devices only: With a Sound Blaster Live 5. The Audigy and Live shared a similar architectural limitation: Unable to run bit version of ASIO software. But you are not using Audigy 2 hardware, nor Audigy 2 audigg.