Heat levels were moderate and entirely acceptable. Only the Kenwood was stealthier. When was last time it worked properly? All times are GMT When did it stop? Featuring an access time of 75ms, a kb buffer and a standard 1-year warranty, the Mitsumi appears on the surface to be a contender. Results 1 to 11 of

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Featuring an access time of 75ms, a kb buffer and a standard 1-year warranty, the Mitsumi appears on the surface to be a contender. Technical specs were obtained from the installation guide that came with the drive. Kenwood crreative an access time of Despite the Kenwood’s quiet levels, there was a noticeable shaking during operation, which was isolated to random accesses.

Again like Kenwood, Toshiba does not list a digital connection in their specs. If that does not work, then the only thing I can say is that some devices work ok with it enabled, and some do not. Although one of our speediest performers overall, the CDE creatice also one of the loudest.

Creative Cd5230e 52x Max Internal IDE Cd-rom Drive

All times are GMT Also impressive were its heat levels. When booting upthe post recognizes the cd-rom drive and when I am in Windows system properties,there is an entry for cerative cd-rom drive,when I click on its properties it tells me that this device is working properly!!!!!

I need help,the problem is my CD-rom drive,when I boot up and get to the windows desktop all is ok till I load up a cd disk,when I open the cd drive door and insert a cd disk and then close the door,the neon light starts blinking and I hear the cd drive running,as soon as the disk loads up Windows freezes up and I can’t move the mouse,I also canot use the ctrl-alt-delete function,everything is froze up and I have to reboot the computer to get back into windows.


Glad to hear that the drive is working.

ATAPI CD-ROM Drive Roundup – The Drives

Fortunately its heat levels do not come near matching its sound levels. A bit of an enigma, the 52X unit is not even listed on Creative Labs’ website 48X is the highest speed drive they listhence we cannot link you to any specifications. The B’s access time is specified at a speedy 78ms, with a kb buffer and a standard 1-year warranty.

Edit the entry to display the following correct binary value in the Value data box: Finally, it should be noted that the Mitsumi has a functional digital audio-out connector. Anything done just prior this prob?

Creative CD5233E IDE 52x Cd-rom Drive- Cream Bezel

I am using Windows 98,I hope you guys have the answer,thanks -Del. Results 1 to 11 of 11 Thread: CD-Rom drive locks up windows. Creative Labs’ entry into our roundup is their top-of-the-line 52X CAV unit, sporting an 80ms access time, kb buffer, and a standard 1-year warranty.

A big plus goes to Creative for including a digital audio-out as well as the standard 4-pin analog audio-out. I’ll puzzle with you. If found, delete ALL instances and re-boot. However, all tests involving sequential transfers yielded very competitive performance. In fact, upon removing the drive from the testbed after a random access stress test, I found the underside to actually be hot to the touch in certain spots the top of the drive never approached such hot levels.


The cd rom drive is a fd5230e blaster -Creative-cde. When did it work? At full-RPM, the drive was clearly audible not only over all other testbed system sounds, but over the sounds of my personal system next to it as well as an audio CD playing at moderate levels. Does the bootable cd actually boot in this configuration?? Try using the latest drivers for your MB’s chipset if you ceative not done so already. NoDriveTypeAutoRun 95 creativs 00 00 craetive autorun Change that value to 00 00 00 00 disables autorun And, maybe, remove auto Insert Notification in the cd-rom system properties.

You’ll need to crank up your PC speakers to completely drown out the sounds this drive makes when it’s in high gear. Join Creztive Nov Posts 2, May be corrupted registry.

Although Mitsumi responded to our initial query in this matter, they dropped any further communication after our follow-up response to them. When did it stop?