It’s suitable as well the eX won’t plug into it though. But it still sounded flat no matter what. Figured the extra features would go unused, so why pay for it? IIRC there were just eq profiles to choose from theater, gaming etc and they all sounded equally bad. Perhaps onboard sound quality has greatly improved to what I have now, and maybe throwing in a decent receiver might help but Im getting as much mileage out of this Audigy as I can. Anyways, as far as the bays: The bottom one uses something else, only a few cards support it, I have no idea why you’d bother plugging it in though.

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It started silently and have very clear output.

For the other guys, do you like that name for the sound card or I should use sound blaster instead of sb? Not the best workaround but it’ll have to do until Creative fox their drivers.

Workaround for Audigy 2 ZS recording problems on Windows 7 64-bit

Although of course if you don’t listen to DVD Audio discs it hardly matters. Ah, that sounds great.

The culprit might be poor handling of “ground. Adigy there any good reason to use an Audigy 2 sound card anymore? My new Mac Pro emits hum from my speakers. I should also note the Audigy WDM drivers have nothing to do with it. Thu Apr 15, 1: You weren’t talking about faint background hiss in your OP, though.


Is there any good reason to use an Audigy 2 sound card anymore? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. If you want to back off your claims to just that, fine.

Not taking it personally, just stating that I didn’t like the sound. Skype and ventrilo both do, among other things.

Workaround for Audigy 2 ZS recording problems on Windows 7 bit

DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Tribus: As those cards are almost the only choice for internal cards the development of this driver should get more attention by all the serious Hackintosh users.

Wed Apr 14, 1: The lack of proper EQ for me was the biggest reason I couldnt use onboard. I realize it doesn’t have much to do with the X-Fi cards from Creative, but no one seems to have tested it, which is odd since it seems like one of the few alternatives to the Realtec codecs. I have no explanation for that. Hi All This has worked for me by changing the Systems Configuration.


If your motherboard is newer than 7 years old, none whatsoever.

Is there any good reason to use an Audigy 2 sound card anymore?

I alternatie Creative has a bad rep around here for a reasonbut I’ve personally never had any problems with drivers or sound quality with mine. Posted March 22, Apr 6, Posts: Both are connected to the integrated sound.

A volume slide bar will show above the icon. This has happened since El Capitan.

May 12, Posts: Creative created the EAX 4. That’s it, just close the mixer and apternative it with any application who use the sound captured my mic. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Same bay devices too. I too also experienced the noise issue so I have no interested in going onboard. I think what you’re missing is that the way you explained your preferences sound silly to a lot of people.