Also please tell us if your scanner isn’t mentioned in this list at all. Transparency adapter not supported yet. It’s not known if it may work with epson or epkowa backend. A laser with a gain medium consisting of an organic dye, which is carbon-based. The dye medium is Additional Questions from the Webinar Answered below.

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Hp Dvd Ram Gt20L Driver

National Laser is the leading U. Carefully check the model names. Haven’t been tested for a long time. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies unless you have disabled them.

All resolution and mode supported, calibration is available. Not supported until now. Binary, Despeckle, Asgrascan, Cropping, Calibration. The scanner with product id 0x is supported by the gt68xx backend, however.

Laser Zentrum Hannover EV sliim Apodius GmbH are collaborating on a project to repair fiber-reinforced plastics by combining a measuring device for fiber layer orientation with a laser-based repair Sold by Aldi and Tchibo. As recently as five years ago, shopping for a microscope light source was fairly straightforward. The backend needs work especially in the quantization code but it may work.


Neodymium-doped crystals and glasses such as Nd: Backend for testing frontends. Studying luminescence lifetime is a very powerful analytical tool, as it provides insights into the excited state dynamics of molecules, complexes, or semi-conductors.

All major scanning-related features are supported except for IPU. See how one state is kicking hyperspectral imaging into hyperdrive — this week on Light Matters! In this case it could be supported by the mustek SCSI backend.

Full TPU support negative and slides at 24 or 48 bits.

astrascan slim 20 ds driver

The parport xdpi grayscale version of this scanner is unsupported. As you operate your laser, only a portion of the electrical power sourced from your laser driver converts to light energy.

A new microsensor could make it possible to directly monitor and adjust the composition of kidney dialysis fluid dialysate — an important step toward customizing dialysis to the individual If it’s the same as the II EP, it may work. However, it’s detected as mass storage device so just mounting it is reported to work.


Is reported to use the E5 chipset.

Work on a backend has started, contact the author for details see link. For an explanation of the tables, see the legend. Certain non-scanning features, such as those related to scanner maintenance, are not supported. Full flatbed support up to DPI Note: Please contact me if you own such a device. Scanning doesn’t seem to work however.

Astra Scan Slim 20 Driver

Product id 0xb is supported by the gt68xx backend. All resolution and mode supported, front- and backside side-by-side, with backside 02 horizontally. Machine Vision for Industry Speakers include: Optically pumped, they produce an output wavelength close to However, someone started working on this scanner and some information is available see link.

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